York County for many years had two legal organizations, the York County Bar Association and the York County Bar Library Association, almost identical in their functions and purposes. The first was a fraternal organization of the Lawyers organized for the purpose of establishing rules and regulations for the practice of law within the County, while the second was an organization whose sole power seemed to be vested in the right to hold title to and manage the County Law Library.

The York County Bar Library Association faithfully kept up its organization and for over half a century never passed its annual meeting on the third Tuesday of September in each year but the York County Bar Association was dormant in exercising its corporate functions and frequently allowed several years to elapse without an annual meeting. In 1920 a committee was formed from among the members of the Bar, charged with the duty of formulating rules and regulations for the consolidating of the two Corporations, and with the further duty of taking the necessary legal steps to complete such a consolidation.

As a result of this Committee’s labors, a bill was drafted and presented to the Eightieth Legislature, being entitled “An Act to Incorporate the York County Bar Association.”

This bill was approved March 30, 1920, being Chapter 98 of the Private and Special Laws of 1921, and on September 21, 1921, incorporation was completed under the Authority of the above act.

At the annual Meeting held at Saco on January 12, 1931, the name of the Association was changed to York Bar Association.